'SPOT-ON' were part of the large Tri-ang toys company and based in Northern Ireland. In Februrary 1959, they launch-
ed a range of vehicles in Mazac metal in 1/42nd scale, making them larger when compaired to the Corgi and Dinky toys at that time.

Included in this range, was one 1956 
Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith and one 1956
Bentley 'S' series 4 door saloon.

In 1963, a 'Royal' Rolls-Royce and a 'Blower' Bentley were introduced.

In 1965, a plastic Rolls-Royce Silver
Cloud III and a Bentley 'S' 3 were added to the 'Magicar' slot car system, then a little later they added another version of
the Rolls-Royce called "The Riddler's" Rolls-Royce in orange with big yellow question mark stickers on the body!

Also in 1966, a special 'Tommy Spot'
'Royal occasion' set was launched with the 'Royal' Rolls-Royce, Tommy Spot character figure and a special box that you could turn into a theatre.

Spot-On was purchased by Meccano in 1964, it was closed down in 1967 with some tooling going to New Zealand but no further Rolls-Royce or Bentley models were made after this.

In 1991, 'WESTERN MODELS' were making white metal versions of the Silver Wraith for 'REPLICARS BV' in Holland and 'PP COPY MODELS' in the U.K. 

In 2002, the brand name and some tooling was purchased by the French 'NOREV' company, but so far there are no plans for any Rolls-Royce or Bentley

MODEL No. 103.
                             A ROLLS-ROYCE SILVER WRAITH FROM SPOT-ON.

The first catalogue for 1959 shows the Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith on the cover, exiting it's box.

Numerically, the Bentley, model number 102 is the first model to appear from Spot-on for Rolls-Royce
collectors, but it was the Rolls-Royce seen on the first catalogue cover, so I thought I would show that first, sorry Bentley collectors!

                         Model No.102, Bentley S1 4 door H.J. Mulliner 'Lightweight' saloon.

1963, an exciting year.

The Spot-on engineers decided to upgrade the type of models they were making. Up to this point, the models had their grille and bumpers cast as part of the main body. This meant that they could not be 'Chrome' plated as seperate parts like the Corgi and Dinky models. So, the new models from 1963 onwards, would be designed in such a way that they would now have sepaerately 'Chromed' parts. This would be mostly for the grilles and bumpers, but they also used the idea for seperate headlamp units as well.

Additonal to these new details, were a couple of completely new models, a 'Royal' Rolls-Royce and a 1930 'Blower' Bentley.

The 'Royal' Rolls-Royce was based on one of the Queen's state cars, chassis number, 5 AS 33, this was the 1960 Phantom V, Park Ward 'raised roof' car, officially known as "Canberra" II.

The model had working suspension, an opening boot with a spare wheel, on board members of the Royal family and working front and rear lamps!
                                               Model No.260, The 'Royal' Rolls-Royce.
The second new model release for Rolls-Royce collectors, was the 1930 'Blower' Bentley, but compaired to the model above, this had no working features at all! it was just a pretty good representation of the classic 'Supercharged' 4.5 Ltr Bentley.
                                                   Model No.263, The 'Blower' Bentley.
Both new models would benefit from the new 'Chromed' parts and in defence of the Bentley, it does have some really fine wheel spokes. This was achieved, by making seperate green plastic spoke com-ponents, fitted next to the actual Alluminium wheels. The large 'Alloy' rims showing through the fine spokes, gives the impression of large brake drums, a very good effect.

Unfortunately over time, the plastic shrinks, so they no longer cover the whole area of the 'Alloy' wheel rim and they tend to become loose and completely fall off if you lose the little 'knock-off' hub spinner.

1965, A new idea is born.

The whole electric slot-car system has been tried by so many toy companies that there were not many new ideas left to try. Spot-on however thought they had found a new idea, by making their cars work on a simple 'push to go' then 'push to stop' principal.

They used a battery operated motor supplied by the Wrenn toy company, small enough to fit inside a 

1/42nd scale plastic body, these bodies then clipped onto a plastic baseplate, carrying the motor and two 'AA' batteries.

At the front of the baseplate, were a steerable set of front wheels, fitted with a pin guide that fitted into a corresponding slot in the road sections. with batteries on board, all you had to do was to give the model a gentle push and it moved off around the track. To stop the model. you simply held it with your hand as it came by you and the little low torque motor, switched off!

During the first years production of this system, a common body was designed in the form of a 1962, Silver Cloud III or Bentley 'S' 3 4 door saloon.

To make it a Rolls-Royce, Spot-on borrowed the front bumper and grille moulding from the 'Royal' Rolls-Royce, but to make it the Bentley version, they made a brand new front bumper and grille moulding, that was a perfect replica of a Series 3 car, Bentley.

Shown above is the Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud III and the Bentley 'S 3' equivalent. The Bentley shown here is actually one of the optional spare bodies you could buy and displayed here fitted with a pair of temporary Dinky Toys alluminium wheels.

The MAGICAR models and sets are fairly hard to find especially in mint condition, they really were launched at the wrong time, right in the success window of the SCALEXTRIC slot racing system, but because both products were made by companies owned by TRI-ANG, it did not matter too much if one system failed against the other!

After the demise of the SPOT-ON range of diecast models, there was very little activity in the way of Rolls-Royce models, however, SPOT-ON was purchased by the MECCANO company in 1964, so they more or less merged with the DINKY TOYS range and several ideas from SPOT-ON became common on many DINKY TOYS, like the seperately 'Chromed' bumpers and grille mouldings and the spun alloy wheel rims. The first DINKY TOYS Rolls-Royce to show SPOT-ON influances, was model No.127, the Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud III 2 door coupe and more on this model can be found in the DINKY TOYS section.