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Some of the other 'brand' names will be familier to you, such as 'Lone Star', 'Buccaneer', 'Lledo' and 'Tri-Ang'. But so many more will be described in this section from 'Solido', 'Mercury', 'Dugu' and 'Praline'.

A...is for Airfix.

All of us grew up with at least One Airfix kit, I did and I kept on growing up with them and of course the Rolls-Royce and Bentley kits now mean a lot to me.

Airfix released their first Rolls-Royce kit in 1955, their first Bentley kit in 1956. The Rolls-Royce is based on the real car to be seen in the 1964 film, 'My Fair Lady'. The Bentley is really just an interpretation of the Classic 'Blower' Bentley, but as the idea for the kit is based on an American kit, it could be based on a real car in the US from that period, the early 1950's.

The images below show the origin of the Airfix 1911 Rolls-Royce from a Gowland and Gowland kit. The Bentley came about the same way. The interesting thing is that they were not made with the same tooling as the Gowland kits, but copies of them and if you have both brands of kits you can compare them and see the differences.

Airfix released another Rolls-Royce in 1956, based on the 1905 'TT' winning car.

The attention to detail on this kit is not in the same class as their earlier Rolls-Royce and suggests this is of their own design and tooling. Along with the other Rolls-Royce and Bentley, these were very popular kits, they were cheap to buy easy to find in most hobby shops but in particular Woolworth's stores and relatively easy to build.

A...is for Academy.

Academy and Academy Minicraft are linked through a business partnership and you can see the logo on the box is that of ACADEMY MINICRAFT. The actual kit is a re-issue of an Entex kit who issued it in 1976, this kit was in fact a repackaged kit from the Japanese Gakken company, who were closely linked to Entex during the formation of the US based company. Several versions of this kit can be found for the avid collector with different box styles with different names for the car and different catalogue numbers.

A...is for Anmark.

Anmark is an american based hobby company who purchased the kit tooling from Entex in 1980 and re-issued that company's Rolls-Royce Phantom III back onto the hobby market.

                   Anmark's reboxing of the Entex Rolls-Royce Phantom III from the early 1980's.

B...is for Buccaneer.

                                         The Buccaneer 2 seater DHC designed as a Bentley.

                                         Buccaneer's version of the Dinky Toys Rolls-Royce.

Its not very often you see Buccaneer kits, so its even less often to see them still in their original poly bags!

B...is for Bren L.

                                          Two very scarce Bentley models from Bren L. 

B...is for Breiter.

The Breiter 1905 Rolls-Royce plastic kit. The insructions for this kit has been found in Two colours, a Sepia tone and a Green colour. The kit is basic but fairly well designed but oddly it has metal axles. Another version of this model is a made up version from 'FL' as shown below.

                                                      Here is the FL version of the Breiter kit.

B...is for Bandai.

The above Two models from Bandai, the plastic kit of the C.S.Rolls 'Balloon Car' and the tinplate Silver Cloud convertible. Bandai have done several Rolls-Royce models including the Sci-Fi car, HUDSON from the "Terrahawkes" TV series, as shown below.

B...is for Banthrico.

This is a Money box or Money Bank if you prefer and One of Four models in the range as depicted on the box.

B...is for Barravelli.

B...is for Brumm.

        A Brumm Bentley from Italy. This particular model is trimmed to be based on a Le Mans car.

Like most model companies, Brumm decided to base one of their models on a real car, in the info box above, you can read about which real car they chose for their 'Blower' Bentley.

Brumm also made the Barnato 6.5 Ltr Bentley made famous because of it's links to the famous blue train race.

C...is for Cle-Citgo.

Basic little plastic kits from France. These kits are linked to several toy companies and within quite a large range, some were based on subjects in the 'Models of Yesteryear' range.

C...is for Charbens.

This is a tiny (c1/90th scale), British metal model from the 1950's of "AX 201" and actually made as a collector's series of models under the title of...'Old Crocks', hence the model number...OC-8 (number 8 in the Old Crocks series) and even down to this level of modelling, there are several versions of this to be found with Orange or Red seats, single or double sided painted wheels (the above example has single sided painted wheels, tall or short steering column and the most amazing detail is the grille badge, models can be found with and without this detail (the example above has the grille badge).

Due to the type of metal used for these models, they are often found to be displaying many cracks as age catches up with the model, so to find one in really good condition with an un-cracked main body and bonnet, is rare.

C...is for Coalport.

A Ceramic pottery model of the 1909 Silver Ghost as owned by Lord Montague and on display in his museum. This and a matching 3 Ltr Bentley was introduced onto the collector's market in 1974. They were expensive due to the type of production and Today are rarely seen.

C...is for Crown.

Crown is a little known Japanese plastic kit company with an even lesser known product line. The Rolls-Royce here though is attributed to Crown, despite the model not displaying any brand names or logos to that effect.

It has been designed to have basic power in the form of a rubber band drive system underneath by turning the starting handle below the grille and the scale is around 1/30.

C...is for Clivedon.

Clivedon make Jewellry and the example above is a Tie clip (or Tie-Pin), so is quite small but it has been based on a Silver Cloud and items like this are collected by Rolls-Royce enthusiasts as the example above is testament to this because it is from my own collection!